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Professional Short Courses - addressing workplace needs

People are the most valuable asset for most organisations.  When it comes to helping your people develop their skills and knowledge, you naturally want to give them the best possible learning experience

We can meet your organisation's procurement, contract management and project management training needs professionally through distinctive programs customised to your team and their unique requirements.  All Bayleys' courses are tailored to suit our clients in terms of content and inhouse delivery methods.

We work closely with clients to ensure a solution tailored to your needs and we use only qualified and experienced practitioners who are excellent facilitators.  You'll be pleasantly surprised that a customised Bayley program will often cost the same as buying a "one size fits all" off-the-shelf public offer training from other providers.

Most of our short courses are also designed so that there is an easy pathway that allows participants to achieve a Statement of Attainment for relevant units of competency, if they wish to pursue accreditation.

Bayleys' Specialist Areas
Here are some of our most popular courses. The list is not an exhaustive listing and we would be delighted to build a program just for your needs.

Project Management
•  Developing business cases

•  Introduction to Project Management
•  Project Management Fundamentals
•  Introduction to Project Management Probity
Procurement and Contract Management
•  Develop a Persuasive Business Case
•  Procurement Overview
•  Introduction to Procurement Probity
•  Develop a Specification
•  Plan & Conduct a Tender
•  Introduction to Contract Management
•  Introduction to Contract Management Probity
•  Contract Management Fundamentals
•  Goverance & Integrity for Managers
•  Negotiation Skills
•  Sustainable Procurement (ISO 20400)
•  Risk Management
•  Excercise a Delegation (for financial delegates)

Contact Bayleys
Contact Bayleys for a no obligation chat about how to most effectvely address the needs of your team. Note that these courses are provided to organisations through inhouse deliveries and are not provided as standard public offer courses.