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Professionals Training Professionals
As a procurement specialist or contract manager you need specialist training to help you do your job well and to understand the ever changing rules.

Professional short courses can keep you updated and help you to feel confident you have the skills and knowledge to do the right thing. We offer the most sought-after procurement and contract management training available.

Our course participants experience the government procurement world in the training room and can see how their actions impact on the procurement process. We help our participants solve problems and learn how to apply their skills and knowledge in a range of real world situations.

One of our favourite quotes is “to learn all you can from the mistakes of others as you simply won’t have time to make them all yourself”. Our courses aim to share the experience of the facilitators and key examples from the real world so that participants learn what can go wrong and how to fix it. Better yet, we aim to help participants avoid problems and get it right the first time.

Government Procurement is a Specialist Skill
Government Procurement is a specialty that involves expenditure of taxpayers’ funds. It therefore attracts significant media and other scrutiny. It is covered by a complex and changing set of rules and regulations – and ignorance is no excuse for breaching the rules and regulations. Specialist short courses are a key part of keeping your specialist skills current.

Our integral relationship with International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) External link as well as our Master classes, case studies and hot topic discussions ensure that procurement managers have the most up to date knowledge and understanding to support their jobs well into the future. Specialists in procurement and contract management need experts to teach them the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to do their job well.

Delivering the Right Skills
Whatever the nature of your government procurement role, we can help you develop the specialised skills and knowledge you need to take control and deliver results.

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