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Bayley and Associates - Government Contract Management Experts

Bayley and Associates – Government Contract Management Experts
The world of a Government Contract Manager can be very stressful.  
The consequences of wasting taxpayers' money can be enormous so Contract Managers want to be, and need to be, very well informed on the most recent and relevant policies that stand them in good stead for responsible management of Government resources.

Contract management is a specialty that has undergone significant changes over the past few years, with changes to the outcomes and outputs framework, budget pressures and efficiency dividends, greater levels of public scrutiny of spending and even under-spending and regular changes to Financial Management and Accountability Regulations.

Learn Contract Management from the Experts
The facilitators at Bayley and Associates understand these pressures from first hand experience.  Our facilitators can join the dots.  We discuss issues, think about implications and share our experience with students. Our practical approach means that learners leave our short courses not just knowing the theory but being able to solve problems in many contexts.

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