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Bayleys' Recent Projects

You might be interested to see how we have helped some of our clients over the years.  Some examples of our interesting projects are summarised below.

  •  Tailored accredited procurement training program - ACT Government (pdf 89k)
  •  Whole of agency people development program - ANAO (pdf 78k)
  •  Induction training for Complaints Resolution Scheme staff - Health & Ageing (pdf 79k)
  •  JIT tailored preparation for project negotiation - Defence (pdf 95k)
  •  JIT tailored contract management preparation - FaCSIA (pdf 95k)
  •  Tailored training solutions in Community Care - Goodwin Aged Care (pdf 78k)
  •  Training program for Frontline Mgt - TaMS (pdf 107k)

Contact us if you'd like more information on our projects or would like assistance on a special project.