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What do participants and their managers want?

Not "tick the box" training
Public Sector managers need to have competent and confident staff.  They tell us they want reliable, practical and specialised training providers they can count on to deliver quality learning solutions. They want skills that build workplace confidence for their specialist procurement, contract management and project management team members. They want more for their staff than just a tick in the box or another piece of paper!

You could use a provider that delivers only the required theory or uses trainers who have minimal or outdated personal experience of doing the job themselves. We call them "talking head" trainers - they just stay one page ahead of the students.

But if you really want meaningful training that develops specialist procurement, project management and financial management knowledge, skill and expertise, you need a provider that is qualified, experienced and practical in their approach. It is also always more enjoyable to do training that is interesting, engaging and makes the learner think about the subject matter in a fresh way. This is what our participants find both valuable and refreshing about Bayley's courses. Bayley learning prepares specialists for work in the real world.

Participants tell us they want learning that will help them achieve success
Our loyal participants value facilitators who understand the complexity of their jobs and help them learn new skills and provide them with information needed to be able to perform their work roles. They want training that's up to date, comprehensive and that gives them practical tips to confidently apply their learning back in the workplace.

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